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  Santana - Comtec - Capitol - Three brands to fit every need.
Stambone & Associates covers Florida, Georgia, Alabama, The Bahamas and The Virgin Islands with this complete line of Solid Plastic (HDPE) Bathroom Partitions, Shower & Dressing Compartments, Locker Benches, Vanities and Solid Plastic Lockers in several colors with an almost unlimited design capability.
Contact Stambone & Associates with any questions regarding the application of these products or specifications. We have several Distributors that are capable of serving your needs. We'll be glad to help you find one near you.
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Partitions - Floor Mounted Overhead Braced  Word Doc
Partitions - Floor to Ceiling
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Partitions - Ceiling Hung
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Shower Cubicles  Word Doc
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Locker Benches
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Solid Plastic "TuffTec" Lockers
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For more than 25 years our premium brands have led the plastic partitions market setting new benchmarks for the industry in quality and delivery. In fact, Scranton Products is the only manufacturer of plastic partitions who ships in as little as 5 days. Our well-known brands, including Comtec Industries, Santana Products/Hiny Hiders and Capitol Partitions, feature the most durable, low maintenance and best looking partitions, lockers and industrial sheet products in the industry. They won’t dent, rust or need painting, and because they are color throughout, delamination is not a factor.

Together, the brands of Scranton Products offer the most comprehensive and trusted line of innovative products that add functional and aesthetic value, superior performance, durability, minimal maintenance, lower life cycle cost and sustainability.

Specify and install Scranton Products brands with confidence – the most recognized and trusted names in locker systems, bathroom partitions, counter tops, shower stalls and more.