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Scranton Products (Santana-Comtec-Capitol)  
Partitions, Lockers, Vanities, etc.

Solid Plastic (HDPE) Bathroom Partitions, Lockers, Locker Benches, Site Screens, Vanities and more. NOW! With Santana - Comtec - Capitol, you have three brands to fit every need. Stambone & Associates cover Florida, Georgia, Alabama, The Bahamas and The Virgin Islands with this line.

Eaglestone A.D.A. Compliant Signs

Eaglestone Signs - A.D.A. Compliant Signs for Restrooms and other areas. These 6" X 9" signs are made of durable plastic with radius corners. They are availble in 5 colors. Brown background with White Graphics, Blue background with White graphics, Taupe background with Black graphics, Gray background with White graphics and Black background with White graphics.
Stambone & Associates cover Florida, Georgia and Alabama with Eaglestone.
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Foundations Baby Changing Stations

Foundations is a complete line of Baby Changing Stations, including your basic Polyethylene Economy Series, Laminate Design Series, Clad Stainless and Full Stainless Series. Stambone & Associates cover Florida, Georgia and Alabama with Foundations.

Reducing Risks - Protecting People

Stambone & Associates represents this manufacturer in Florida.
No matter which Clarion EXIT sign you choose, it will deliver fail-safe performance and significant cost savings compared to electrical signs and tritium signs. The savings begin immediately, with no need to expend the significant costs of wiring, conduit and the services of an electrician to install your EXIT signs. The savings continue year after year, because your photoluminescent EXIT signs draw no energy and require virtually no maintenance. And there is no threat of released radioactivity. more info...